Tire Safety Facts

Under Inflation is the Leading Cause of Tire Failure!

The importance of properly maintaining your tires CANNOT be overemphasized. Remember, tires are the only contact between your vehicle and the road.

Under-inflated tires use 10-15% more gas---That means it cost you MORE per gallon!! EVERY time you fill up

Important Tire Safety Facts

Each month three out of four drivers wash their cars while one out of seven correctly checks tire pressure.

  • A tire can be as much as 50% under inflated before it is visibly noticeable.
  • ONLY 15% of drivers properly check their tire pressure.
  • More than half of drivers wrongly believe that the correct tire pressure is printed on the tire sidewall.
  • 30% of drivers wrongly believe that the best time to check their tires is when they are warm after drive a few miles.
  • Nearly 1/3 of drivers wrongly believe that when taking a trip with a fully loaded vehicle, they are better off if their tires are a little bit under inflated.
  • 71% of drivers do not check the tire pressure in their spare tire.
  • 40% of drivers have not rotated their tires within the recommended interval of at least 8,000 miles.
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