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5 Motor Car Mall 11/17/2017

Motor Car Mall always does a great job for me. They took care of me expertly when my former longtime mechanic was no longer available. Thanks Motor Car Mall.

5 Motor Car Mall 11/15/2017

I always receive friendly and professional service at Motorcar Mall. It gives me confidence that they guarantee their work.

5 Motor Car Mall 11/12/2017

John Parrish and the staff at Motor Car Mall in Peralta, NM have always provided excellent service; I am very pleased with the courtesy shown and the fact that my 1996 Ford Taurus, at 238,000 miles plus, is still in good enough condition to donate to my niece. I will definitely continue to visit Motor Car Mall for my vehicle service needs.

5 Motor Car Mall 11/12/2017

A friend referred me to Motor Car Mall who had been going to them for years. I was very pleased with the work that was done, the kind and courteous service. The billing was fair and much better than taking my car to the dealer. I would definitely recommend them.

5 Motor Car Mall 11/9/2017

John will take the time to explain what needs to be done and why. Honest, courteous, and excellent work!

5 Motor Car Mall 10/25/2017

Smartest auto repair shop in town. Lots of trust.

4.5 Motor Car Mall 10/21/2017

Good Job!

5 Motor Car Mall 9/20/2017

Motorcarmall is a great bunch of people, especially Mike and his assistants! They do top quality work which is refreshing for a local shop. They also guarantee satisfaction on their work. They are priced very competitively and always there to help out. Highly recommended for any auto repair work.

5 Motor Car Mall 9/7/2017

Been using this shop for over 20yrs with the same great service and attention to detail. Highly recommend!!

5 Motor Car Mall 9/6/2017